6 July 2011

green idea: eco-friendly kitchen backsplashes

It has never been so easy to be stylish and green in the kitchen! Recycled backsplashes are now available in all kinds of materials, colours and styles, and they are budget-friendly as well. You can even get the classic white subway tiles in recycled ceramic. 

Recycled glass tiles are considered quite sustainable as they are made up of mixture of post-consumer and industrial glass waste. Recycled ceramic tiles are often a combination of unwanted glass, stone, dirt, dust and even plastic. Recycled aluminum uses post-industrial and consumer aluminum shavings and scraps to form beautiful green tiles and solid surfaces.

Adding or changing a backsplash is an easy weekend DIY project that will add functionality and instant style to your home. And since there are so many sustainable design options, it's a must-do!

So many great options, I have a hard time choosing! Will you choose an eco-friendly tile for your next kitchen backsplash makeover?

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