15 June 2011

reclaimed wood: beyond barn boards

The trend to use reclaimed wood in decorating and design has certainly reached great heights, and it is here to stay. Not only is it beautiful and connects us to nature, it is a fantastic way to build, furnish and decorate without having to harvest more trees from our planet. I think this is fantastic, plus it gives a home some character and history!

But don't limit yourself to thinking only about the barn board tables that we see in many home stores these days. These are lovely, but there are also other interesting ways to use wood and wood products that have previously had another life.

How about wine barrel floors? These are from Fontenay Wood.

Check out this amazing pallet wood pendant lamp, from Pallet Hunters on etsy.

This chair by Gursan Ergil is a piece of art.

A beautiful and original kitchen island by Feldman Architecture, Inc.

Love this random and colorful wall, via Apartment Therapy. 

This bathroom counter top from Our Vintage Home Love is gorgeous!

And of course, my own home-made stools/side tables! These are just big chunks of firewood pulled from my dad's woodpile, sanded and sanded and sanded again, with a water-based polyurethene on top. Low cost and great conversation pieces.

And a custom shelving unit that my dad and I created with weathered rough boards found behind his barn.

Are you on board (ha) with reclaimed wood for home design? Got any other great examples?


  1. Love the blog Kelly! Thanks for bringing these refreshing designs to the table!

  2. Thanks Andrea! I thought you would like this one. Don't you just love the kitchen island and bathroom counter?


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