14 June 2011

revival of eat-in kitchens?

Apartment Therapy recently blogged about this great modern eat-in kitchen by Grant Gibson at Elle Decor's New York Showhouse. It is a throwback to the days of casual kitchens when tables, instead of islands, were the gathering spot. It made me wonder, are tables in kitchens making a comeback?

Tables at the center of kitchens used to be the norm, and for many country kitchens it still is. My parents' kitchen still has the eat-in kitchen table set-up, and I have to say I love it. My brother and I grew up at that table - it served as dinner spot, homework station, chopping area when we helped mom cook, card-playing zone, and the central place to chat with family and company. Still today, it is where we gather and have great talks. It is relaxed and the heart of the home.

I wonder if an island can really do the same thing? Don't get me wrong- I love an island and  the prep space it offers, along with seating for quick meals and breakfasts. It is also great for entertaining friends while the cook prepares a meal. But for sit-down, casual, comfortable, enjoyable times, it doesn't provide the same experience.

Here are some other great examples of modern interpretations of eat-in kitchens that I love. I think I may just be sold on this feature making a comeback.

Photos courtesy of HGTV and House and Home.

So what do you think? Table or island?

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