21 August 2011

weekend finds

You may know by now that I love painted furniture. I think that old, discarded pieces from the past that are stuck in basements or dark corners of a room (or given to a thrift store) are so much fresher when painted. Why buy a new dresser or table or chair when great ones already exist?

So I was thrilled to come across a terrific design shop in Calgary this weekend that not only features furniture and art by local and international artists, but also believes in refinishing old pieces of furniture. DaDe Art & Design Lab has these great pieces that have a modern feel due to the high gloss finish and the hardware painted out the same colour. Love them!

So are you a fan of painting old pieces of furniture?


  1. I love this look and have a booth where I sell my painted pieces - painted furniture always makes a statement ( a good one!)
    Enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Do stop by when you get a chance!


  2. @Kim@Chattafabulous
    Thanks Kim. Yes, I absolutely love painted furniture and I'm getting better at technique! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. @kelly@refresheddesigns.
    BTW- while I adore white, I am drawn to some of the bright colours I'm seeing lately. Maybe my all-white phase is evolving?


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