11 August 2011

a tale of two dressers

I've been busy while on vacation working on refreshing a few rooms for family and friends.

upcycled 70's dresser

My mom had two dressers that were useful, but not very pretty in a master bedroom. Nothing a little paint can't fix!

I gave this tired old dresser a good sanding, then primed and painted on two coats of a greenish-gray latex Behr paint (I actually didn't like the beige-gray colour that I had picked out, so did some custom mixing by adding some black and dark green paint I had left over from a previous project).  I then sanded the edges to give it a distressed look and let some of the wood come through, and added new hardware. Voila!

On the tall dresser I spray-painted  a high gloss sage green Rustoleum after a little sanding and a coat of primer. I finished off with 3 coats of water-based high gloss Varathane.

I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, and I will show you how they fit in the the refreshed master bedroom in my next post.  For now I'm off to paint more furniture. I wonder if my mom will let me at her hutch yet...


  1. WOW! What a transformation. Oh you give me hope that I can do this myself one day!!!! Really, WOW. I'm bookmarking so I can remember this!!

    I love transformations! I just turned my secretary into a bar area in my dining room. I really hope you'll stop by and check it out: http://niagaranovice.blogspot.com/2011/08/picture-is-worth.html

    See you soon, I hope!

  2. Thanks Artie. It really is pretty easy, so you should definitely try it! And your secretary/bar is amazing! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. they are both awesome, but i especially love that white one! it has such a fabulous shape and the white was the perfect simple finish for it! the new hardware also makes a great impact!

  4. How nice I like them both! I will have to try Varathane it looks like it gives furniture a nice gloss.

  5. I think the green one is my favorite!!! LOVE the lines and style of it - now the color!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  6. these look great! love the green one especially!

  7. Kelly-they both look great but I'm loving the style of the first one!
    thanks for linking up and linking back, I'm catching you this week!


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