23 August 2011

5 essentials in designer kitchens

Well-designed kitchens make a home, so you really need to consider the essential details when planning. Well-designed and organized kitchens also make for sustainable design, as they will last for generations and outlast years of trends. 

Take a look at these fantastic kitchens in the homes of top designers and notice the similarities:

1. Good lighting.  This includes both natural light through ample windows plus task lighting. There is a focus on ample stylish pendants over islands, tables and work areas. Lighting needs to be super-functional in kitchens, but can also be the place to make a style statement.

2. Lots of prep space. Again, function is key here, but counters are another place that can make or break a kitchen. Countertops are such a great way to make an impact. See my previous post on choosing stylish eco-friendly countertops.

3. Taking advantage of vertical space.  In addition to extra storage, cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling are more visually appealing and give a custom look. Or forgo upper cabinets for open shelving that also takes advantage of the full height of your walls.

4. In-kitchen eating areas. Whether at islands or tables, well-designed kitchens have comfortable spots for the family and guests to mingle with the cook and do everything from have a glass of wine to finish homework. Check out my previous post on eat-in kitchens.

 5. Personality. Whether through collectibles, colour, interesting lighting or unique and unexpected accessories, designers know how to inject personality and character into rooms, even kitchens.

So do you have these elements in your own kitchen?
(All photos courtesty of House Beautiful, where you can see even more designer kitchens).

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