15 November 2011

small mudroom solutions for winter

It's coming: snow-slush-boots-coats-chaos-in-the-entryway-season. To those like me who aren't lucky enough to have a proper mudroom: it's time to organize our small entryways and allow them to become the small clutter-free mudrooms they yearn to be. A little work now can save a lot of hassle and mopping later. 

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Some key elements:

1. A mat outside the door and a nice natural-fibre one inside that will protect the floor from getting wet and also look nice and define the "entry/mudroom" area. 

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2. A place to sit and take off and put boots is a must. A bench, one or two chairs or a built-in seat all work. Utilize the space under it for bins, doggie stuff or boots. 

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small mudroom solutions for winter
3. A row of pegs encourages family members to hang up coats and bags. A lower row for kids makes it easy and doubles your hanging space. 

Martha Stewart
4. Vertical storage solutions take advantage of the space up high for hats, mitts and gadgets for the full-height people in your home.  If you don't have a lot of floor space, cubbyhole wall units are even great for shoes and boots.

vertical shoe storage in small entrway; mudroom
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5. A mirror in the entryway allows everyone to make sure their hat looks cute without having to run back into the bathroom with boots on.

small entryway with mirror
Pottery Barn

6. Hooks are useful in even the smallest of spaces to hold bags, scarves and umbrellas. 
Organize Anything
7. Boxes, baskets and bins are your best friend. Try to have one for each family member for hats, mitts, scarves, sunglasses, etc. Also, keep extra socks and slippers in there to warm the toes after taking off wet boots. 

Martha Stewart

There you have it. Not too difficult - a weekend project can get you all set for a season's worth of fewer hassles. Worth it, right? 


  1. This is so timely for me. I definitely have organizing the mudroom on my brain. Hmm, wonder if I will get it done this year?

  2. I would love a mudroom... even though I don't live where it is very muddy or very snowy! I have plans for a mud room in the new house we are moving into.. great inspiration pics for me to follow!



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