13 November 2011

20 best DIY holiday wreaths

I love wreaths. Always have.  Always will. Inside and outside, a wreath is always appropriate! So since we are quickly heading into holiday time, I thought I would showcase the best homemade DIY wreaths for the season. No need to buy one with some many great options that you can make from upcyled or repurposed materials around the house and yard.

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painted oak leaf wreath
thistle wreath
marshmellow wreath 
material wreath
cork wreath
wood shaving wreath
double berry wreath via Country Living
winter twig wreath
candy wreath!
ornament wreath by Eddie Ross
pompom wreath by Cozy Little Cave
felt rosette wreath


  1. Wow these are all so great!! The photo wreath is my favorite :)

  2. wow, I love this post!~ All of these Christmas wreath ideas are all pretty and fabulous. I love that pompom wreath!


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