3 April 2012

think outside the (shoe) box

Many, many shoes and boots - every girl's dream. And nightmare, when it comes to storing and organizing said shoes and boots.  

So, if like me, you don't have a whole shoe closet or room, like these...

via Traditional Home
In Style
Try these ...

Living Etc.

Living Etc.
Elegant Abode
Apartment Therapy
Pottery Barn
Living Etc
via Design Indulgences
Living Etc. 


  1. These are all way better shoe organization methods than mine - I pretty much just kick my shoes off into to the closet and they land where they land! The shoes on the ladders is pretty cool, and hanging boots is a great way to keep them out of the way and straight.

    {I've never used frog Tape, but I've seen it used in a segment on Cityline and a bit of paint seeped under it.}


  2. Wow! This post is great! I looooove it!

  3. Simply amazing where you can store your shoes. I have never seen anything like this, thanks for sharing!


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