31 March 2014

DIY electronics charging station...sort of

OK, confession time- I didn't make this version.  I started to make my own charging station for my tablet and phone out of a heavyweight cardboard box. 

Some packing tape, pretty card stock paper and modge podge was all I needed. But I wasn't completely happy with the paper I had on hand to cover it with, so I popped into my neighborhood Target store to get some more. Then I saw the exact thing I was going to make on clearance for $3.50 and it was to be discontinued. One left. In the colour and pattern I was looking for. Fate? Temptation? I argued with myself in the aisle (hopefully not out loud) about whether to consume a new good most likely made overseas instead of making it myself. Convenience won out. I know. I still feel guilty, but man it looks nice on my sideboard and I love how it collects everthing in an organized way.  

I poked two holes into it for the cords of my electronics and that was it. 

I still think it would be easy to replicate with the cardboard, and maybe I'll finish mine someday to use as a gift. 

This not buying stuff is hard sometimes, isn't it? 


  1. It is tough, but for $3.50 it's hard to argue with that. You could spend more on the paper to cover the diy version. Also, this is clearance- it's already been manufactured and buying it won't drive the production of another to replace. Perhaps I'm justifying on your behalf but as with many important issues, sometimes you have to pick your battles.

    1. Thank you for helping me justify this! That's what I told myself while standing in the store! :)


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