4 March 2014

replace and repurpose non-stick bakeware

I've been concentrating these days on making my home not only sustainable but healthy as well. That means getting rid of toxins - in the air, on materials and also in the kitchen. Unfortunately all of that non-stick cookware and bakeware that makes stir-fries and muffins so perfect can also send chemicals right into your bloodstream. I've been replacing them with ceramic or stoneware versions. Check out this excellent book and blog, Ecoholic Home, for information and resources on making your home eco-friendly and healthy. 

But don't fill up the landfill with all of your old pans - repurpose them! 
Muffin tins make great organizers.

Cookie sheets can be used at the front door for boots. 

And baking trays can be covered and turned into a tray for collecting all sorts of things... like cooking oils, which I used mine for.

I simply used dollar store contact paper to cover the pan. Easy peasy. 

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