7 March 2014

room of the week: basement home office

I'm always blabbing on about finding space within your own home to renovate to meet your needs, instead of moving or building a new home. It's more sustainable to stay where you are - not only do you not consume more building materials and spend money moving, it also helps prevent the urban sprawl of suburbia. 

Suzanne Dimma of House and Home magazine did just that when she converted basement space into a sleek and bright home office. I love that event with just one small window, the white paint, light wood floors, and minimalist design makes the space feel happy, comfortable and functional. Of course, I also love the mid-century modern chairs!

1 comment :

  1. Love this, too. The white and minimal style is perfect for office, workspace, sewing room, etc- I love a neutral space to leave room for creativity and thought. Also, love those chairs.


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