26 March 2014

DIY all-natural healthy home air freshener

Have you gotten rid of all the store-bought highly scented room fresheners and candles in your home yet? They've proven to be harmful to our health by emitting toxins from the fragrance, chemicals and paraffin waxes. The best way to freshen your home is by opening the windows and letting fresh air in. Adding houseplants will also help tremendously by absorbing toxins in the air. 

But I still love to enter my home and be greeted by a lovely subtle sweet smell. So the way I'm now doing that is by adding lavender - in a couple of ways. First, a few sachets of dried organic lavender, including one in the entry and one on my nightstand, smell wonderful and promote relaxation. I got mine from NEOB Lavender located in Niagara-on-the-Lake. 

Second, I took the the opportunity to make something cute as a natural fragrance infuser. Out came a trusty mason jar and baking soda, which, of course, absorbs odour. I added a bit of dried lavender to the baking soda, along with 15 drops of lavender essential oil. Instead of securing with the tin cover, I swapped it for a piece of decorative card stock paper and punched pin holes to release the fragrance. A little washi tape around the lid and it makes a great-looking addition to any room. 

homemade, DIY, all-natural, organic air freshener

Do you have other ways to naturally freshen your home? I'd love to hear more ideas. 


  1. Mmmm, I love lavender. I am the same, no artificial room fresheners but I still love a nice fragrance. I like to add orange essential oil to my cleaners and diffuse pink grapefruit EO on cleaning day. Also, late winter/early spring I like to have a potted hyacinth in the main living area. It is so fragrant that it permeates the whole area- not suitable to a small room or those who may be sensitive to strong smells as it is quite potent. But I do love the scent when I come through the door.

  2. I love the idea of lavender-scented baking soda. I will totally try it! I freshen my apartment by cracking open windows, and keeping air-purifying plants.

    Also, once quince are in season, just a couple fruits in a bowl on a counter can perfume your whole room. Lovely!

    1. So glad this was useful for you. Good idea about the fruit as well! Thanks so much for reading and commenting.


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