12 March 2014

snow, flowers and a healthy treat

It's another blizzard-y day in Eastern Canada, so in an effort to stay cheery, cozy and hopeful for Spring, I picked up a single snapdragon stem at my local grocery store, and baked up some healthy banana oatmeal bites. 

I'm no baker, by any means, so you know when I post a recipe it's super simple. In fact this one needs only three ingredients:

2 mashed bananas (the more ripe the better)
1 cup rolled or instant oatmeal (I use organic instant with no added sugar or salt)
chocolate chips or raisins 

That's it. Roll into balls, bake for about 10 minutes (not too much or they get crunchy). These are so yummy and healthy, it's my go-to treat now. 

Enjoy the remainder of winter and here's hoping for Spring! 

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