10 March 2014

spice and tea organization - pretty & sustainable

I'm big on organizing. The gene was passed down from my Mom, so I can't help it. A Sunday of organizing my kitchen cupboards while rockin' out to Bon Jovi is my idea of fun. So last weekend I pulled out the many mismatched bags, bottles and boxes of spices and teas cluttering up one of my shelves and created a station for them on the counter. My small condo is short on cupboard storage but actually has a fair amount of counter space, so displaying out in the open is convenient and functional. Now to make it pretty!

I used chalkboard paint to cover the lids of small mason jars so I could label the spices and change up when needed. Confession: I did not use eco-friendly chalkboard paint since I can only get it by ordering online and I already had some of the regular stuff hanging around (two good options that I would try for a larger project are ECOS and Lullaby). 

I also painted the covers of jars that I originally purchased full of soup, but that when repurposed make lovely containers for tea bags. I wrapped the outside of the lids with washi tape. A vintage jar I already had adds a nice touch. 

All of this freed up a cupboard shelf for baking supplies that I also organized in jars and repurposed food tins covered with pretty paper and glue. 

Now my cooking and baking supply shopping can be more sustainable for the planet because I can take reusable bags to the health store and buy organic spices, flours, raisins and the like in bulk when I need to refill. No more consumption of small bottles and plastic bags every time I run out. 

Are you inspired to organize now? 


  1. I'm totally inspired! I drink a lot of tea and use a lot of spices in my cooking.. :)

    1. I'm so glad this gave you some ideas Vidya! Thanks for reading and have a great day.


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