12 March 2012

quick refresh: coffee table display

Last week I showed you my Spring dining table setting. Continuing with that idea of refreshing your look with what you already own, here are two different coffee table displays, all created with things around my home. And fresh flowers, of course. 

refresh #1: 

refresh #2:

What's on your coffee table? Will you be changing it up for Spring?


  1. I love the look of your coffee table display- nice mix of vintage/rustic and modern pieces- I love the warmth small touches of wood offer in a clean, simple space.

    Please tell- where did you find those trays?- glossy white with veneer and the vintage crate tray and the wood box with glossy white lid....

  2. I love the arrangements! They look so fresh, but still personal!

  3. Ha, I don't have a coffee table....I need one and can't find what I want. I like yours.

  4. This is a good reminder to change things up a bit. I've had the same things out on our coffee table all winter.

  5. @cred

    Funny you should ask, as I'm featuring more trays tomorrow and then a sourcing guide on "find it friday."

    The white with veneer tray and matching glossy box was from Indigo here in Canada, though I don't think they make them any longer.

    The vintage tray is something from a local vintage shop in Calgary. They nailed together pieces of old crates and used a wire mesh on the bottom.

    I love to mix new and old, so check back on Friday for more sources.

  6. @My Crafty Home-Life

    Thanks Linda. I know, it's tough to find the right coffee table, and I was having trouble as well, then it dawned on me to use the platform bench that was in in my entry. It is a reproduction of the Nelson bench- I got it at Nood, but they are now out of business. Lexington Modern also has them for around $200.

  7. What coffee table-Ha! When I have one again I think I'd like to put some pretty home design books on top of it. I guess I'll be adding to my list of things to buy.

  8. Very pretty :-) I love the shell ball - I need to get one of those for my family room. My coffee table is actually a leather ottoman. It's currently "decorated" with a wood cutting board, a measuring tape, two cameras, a remote control, a cordless phone, and a glass of water ;-)


  9. I love these ideas, I think I need to go re-do mine now. I have a hard time styling mine but this post gave me some inspiration!

  10. Love it! From one refresh to another :) I hope you'll share at my table scape party today. It starts at 5 est.


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