2 March 2012

trend to try: black framed windows

Have you been noticing all of the black metal window frames recently? I love the high-contrast look and the trend that screams modern and industrial at the same time. 

Ong & Ong
via Skonahem
Richard Shapiro via Commune
Tommy Smythe via House and Home
House and Home
Pernille Kaalund via Desire to Inspire
Happy weekend everyone! 


  1. I really love black window sashes, especially on old houses. I wanted to paint ours black or a dark charcoal grey but the other half gave it a big no!

  2. You always find the most inspiring pics!

  3. I love, love, LOVE black framed windows! They've been my top design crush for a couple of years now. There's something about them that's just so... sexy :-) They add so much more character to a house than typical white framed windows.

    Thanks for checking out my new blog - hope you'll follow along :-) I'm signing up to follow you right now :-)

    Kelly @ DTTDidc

  4. I don't know if I'd do black frames in my house, but they really do look beautiful in these pictures.

  5. All amazing photographs! I am in love with the third one.. very elegant and warm feeling.

  6. These pics are great, and I love the look. It isn't really a look I would use personally, but I love the look of so many styles and this one is striking. Nice to see you again, Lori

  7. I did this in our last house and adored the look. Thinking of it again in fact. Come by my blog on Monday b/c I've tagged you in a game!

  8. Yes, you would definitely have to have the right style home to handles black framed windows. I'm hoping I will someday!


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