30 March 2012

find it friday: coffee tables

I recently read an article in Stylelist Home that declared coffee tables on the extinction list. While I fully agree that ottomans, stools and trunks that can be used for double-duty are very functional, I still love a coffee table. Might it have something to do with the fact that I eat every meal in front of the TV? Maybe. But it's also that a table is where you can show off a bit of personality. It's a piece of art. I love the craftsmanship of handmade and vintage tables, and the sleek lines of a modern table that perfectly shows off a great display on top of it. 

Some examples to convince you:

 reclaimed wood handmade beauty on Etsy: $450

reclaimed brickmaker pallet table from Bobo Intriguing Objects: price unlisted
vintage surfboard coffee table on Etsy: $650
or a similar vintage-inspired new handmade table on Etsy: $280
local vintage stores are a great resource, like Mid-Century Dwellers: negotiable price
how about a DIY? check out this midcentury-look coffee table tutorial.

West Elm: $416
teak from Crate & Barrel: $750

So, vive la coffee table?


  1. I love looking at/day dreaming about coffee tables because I still don't have one in our family room. You choose some lovely examples -- I especially like that C and B one.

  2. I've been searching CL for months for a new coffee table. Your inspirations photos are great! I've enjoyed having a coffee table in our family room and an ottoman in the game room.

  3. The first one is gorgeous, absolutely my favorite...if I needed a coffee table!


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