29 March 2012

guest post: repurposed glass vases

Hello!  I am Tiffany from Living Savvy and I was honored when Kelly asked me write a guest post for her readers!  I love Kelly's style and I think we have a lot in common!  I love repurposing items in my house and finding a fresh way to use all my items.

It has been Organize Month on Living Savvy so I have been cleaning and organizing everything behind a door!  When I was working on my decor cabinets I realized I had a LOT of glass vases.  I really didn't need that many glass vases, and thought if they were a fun color I could use them as accessories with out flowers!

For this project you can use any paint you have on hand, but not spray paint.  I have spray painted many vases, and I love the look, but I wanted something different.  Something with a little more depth.

Using what acrylic paint I had on hand I added some paint to the inside of the vase.  I swirled the paint around until it coated the entire inside.  This took a little bit of smacking the vase in the palm of my hand, but soon all the vase was coated.

I really like the thickness of the glass on this vase, but it was sort of hard to spread the acrylic paint around in there.  So I used a paint brush and moved the paint around.

I wanted a different color than the greens and blues I had in acrylic paint so I explored my latex paint samples.  The latex paint was a lot easier to coat the inside of the vase.  To let all of the excess drip out I set it upside down on two bamboo skewers and a glass.

These are not going to be able to hold water!  {I cheated with daffodils and moved them as soon as I was done taking pictures... sorry!}  By using a water based acrylic and latex paint water will just break down the paint and wash it away.  I did these with the intentions of having a bunch of color vases to display, and not use for flowers.  I think I might try it with an oil based paint and see what the water will do to that.  Maybe I will be back here for a second tutorial!

But even still... very pretty, and an easy way to add a pop of personalized color to any room!

Thank you so much Kelly for asking me to guest post!  I love the idea of refreshing you home with things you already have!


  1. Oh, wow...I am glad I read the warning. Great post, Tiffany.

  2. Tiffany's glass vases look great! Painting the inside really gives a different look than spray painting the outside. I'm thinking that the vases could still be used for flowers if a test tube or narrow glass could fit through the neck. Although they're pretty on display just as they are :-)


  3. So pretty! I"m glad Tiffany put in that note about no water in the vases because I'm not sure I would have actually thought of that:)

  4. Tiffany always does a great job- pretty pretty vases!


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