9 March 2012

find it friday: Saarinen womb chair

I've decided to begin a new regular series that will reveal where to find treasures for your home, on the cheap, and with sustainability in mind. My definition of sustainability? Vintage, thrift, eco-friendly, locally made, or investment pieces that will last for generations and never go out of style. I know I'm always looking for vintage pieces, unique hand-made items, and just plain great deals, so why not pass on some sources? 

In the debate over real vs knock-off, I think vintage is best if you can find and afford it, both for quality and because if it's already made, there's no need to consume something new. However, I don't mind a good knock-off or designer-inspired piece from time to time. Yes, the quality may not be quite as good, but if you're like me and love these designs but have a modest budget, they are perfectly acceptable (in my opinion).

So this first edition of "find it friday" features the Saarinen Womb Chair that I blogged about earlier this week. I love this classic and simple design by Eero Saarinen, produced by Knoll. If purchased directly from Knoll, it will cost around $5000. I know that if I am ever to bring one into my home it will have to be a vintage steal or a great knock-off at a reasonable price.

Here are some sources for finding just that.

First up is the actual new Saarinen Knoll Womb Chair from a certified dealer at a better price. All Modern has it marked down to $2600 right now. However, they only ship in the U.S.

A pair of vintage womb chairs + ottomans is on eBay right now for $1000 bid (for the moment)! Unless you're a Lakers fan, they will need to be recovered. eBay is always a great place to check for used versions of designer furniture. 

When searching vintage always check Etsy. There is one womb chair in good shape there now for $2900.

 First Dibs has a vintage chair and ottoman right now for $3400.

If you want to go the knock-off route, Regency Shop has a knock-off version that they say is identical to the original version. Chair + ottoman for $500.

Another good knock-off, this one in apple green, sells for $800 from Lexington Modern. I've purchased from here before and the quality is very good, and shipping is reasonable, even to Canada.

To find and compare knock offs, you can simply visit Beso and do a search for what you are looking for. They will spout out a long list of suppliers to choose from and compare prices. Check out the reputation of a company and their shipping and return policies before buying.

Far Fetchers searches the world for vintage furniture and decor and then has it all online for you to browse and buy. They list some great finds, though most of the pricing is not published (negotiable through the dealer). They don't have a womb chair at the moment, but there are some other great midcentury modern chairs that I'm loving too, like these 894 chairs by Frattini.

Another similar service is Vintage Seekers, though they don't have any womb chairs at the moment.

And if you are in the U.S., there is also a site that helps you find vintage and consignment stores in your state: http://showroomfinder.com/.

So, is this useful? Do you have certain pieces that you are searching for?
Your ideas and feedback are most welcome.


  1. This is a wonderful post, Kelly! I am always looking for new resources. This chair is gorgeous.

  2. I think the apple green one is fab!

  3. The more I scrolled through the pictures, the more I found my self loving it.I am going to check some of those out. Thanks.

  4. Hi Kelly, Thanks so much for checking my tray out over at Living Savvy. Your blog is lovely! Can't wait to look around a bit more!

  5. This was really useful! A Womb chair and a pair of Barcelona chairs are on the top of my list to purchase if I ever with the lottery! I had no idea it was on sale at all and will have to go check that out immediately! Thank you!


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