19 March 2012

quick refresh: reclaimed thrift store table lamp

A new lamp is a dynamite way to change up the look of a room. But it's not really sustainable to go buy a new light fixture every season. If you can handle a glue gun or a paint brush, however, it's totally reasonable. 

I found this lamp base at a local thrift store for $4. I wrapped the base with jute rope and secured with hot glue. I had a plain white shade already that I covered in leftover fabric from a chair project. That glue gun is a handy tool. 

Easy-peesy and took only about an hour to make a big impact. 

Got any quick refresh ideas? I'd love to hear them. 


  1. I have been contemplating using jute on a lamp or 2 here, too. I thought about doing it on the shade. This looks fabulous - pattern and texture added in a short period of time, too! Jute is so versatile.

  2. I really have to go purchase a glue gun....

  3. What a super fun update! I love the texture and that fabric is great!


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