1 June 2012

black and white day 13

I'm ending the week and beginning June on a light note by showing you an amazing all-white room (that belongs to a stunning all-white home). I love the soft, calm and soothing feeling that this dining room conveys. And the wooden bench adds the important organic element that I crave in any space. Vintage lights and reused and painted furniture make this room not only beautiful but sustainable too. 

Studio Nina K. via 79 Ideas
Have a light and lovely weekend! 

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  1. I'm so happy I found you. You have a lovely blend of fresh crisp design photos that really speak to my ecclectic love of interiors! You're in my favourite list now, I'll be checking back frequently. Thanks.

  2. I am loving those industrial pendants. Last weekend when I was in Toronto I went to Aberfoyle and they had so many of them! Too bad they did not fit in my suitcase!

  3. @Pol*

    Thanks so much for following and for your kind comments - you made my day!


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