4 June 2012

quick refresh: diy wallpaper backsplash

I've been wanting to jazz up my little condo kitchen for a while, but since I'm renting, there's not much I can do about the cabinets or countertops. What I came up with was using wallpaper to create a temporary backsplash. 

I used leftover wallpaper that I had previously used in the adjoining dining room so that it tied the rooms together. This paper is strippable so I can remove it when I leave and it won't harm the walls. I put a coat of polyurethene on top to help protect the paper from splashes. 

DIY budget backsplash for rental apartment

This was a no cost, 1-hour project, and it helps spice up a standard kitchen, don't you think? 


  1. Love this idea! I truly never thought about wallpapering a backsplash ... why not? And it looks fabulous!!

  2. This is perfect for us...we are planning a full on kitchen gut down the road, so don't want to do anything permanent like tiling. But it could definitely use something in the mean time!

  3. @Kim

    I know, such an easy fix if you can't do tile! Have a great Monday Kim.

  4. @Ashley

    So glad that this is perfect timing for you! I know, I dream of shining tile backsplashes as well, but until then, this is a good budget fix.

  5. Love this idea and choice of wallpaper.Very creative!

  6. it looks fantastic!! and this paper is from HomeDepot and it's removable? i so need to check out the orange store more often! Thanks for the tips!

  7. @Tim

    Thanks so much for all your comments Tim. Yup, HD surprises me sometimes! This paper strips off quite well. Not a lot of variety in store, but more versions online to choose from.

    Happy Sunday!


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