13 June 2012

black and white day 14

Ok, I realize I've been leaning more on the white side than the black lately, but this home is so fresh with white rooms and punches of natural green that I couldn't help sharing. I'm loving the striped mat. Check out more of this lovely home here


  1. Beautiful! I love scandinavian interior design, so simple with clean lines.

  2. I've also been leaning more to white (I think it's because it's summer)! This is such a beautiful space, I would love to have white wooden floorboards!

  3. Pretty home :-) I don't think I could like in an all-white house myself, but this one had lots of elements that I really like - that wood plank ceiling is cool :-) And I like how they added colour to the kitchen with baskets & pottery. I'm not a tea drinker, but I need one of those zebra print tea kettles!


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