11 June 2012

quick refresh: add nature + colour

I hosted a Saturday brunch recently and to change up my normal table I added turquoise bowls and, of course, some branches with green buds. The bowls are from IKEA - I like adding colourful bowls to a set of simple white dishware as a lovely and inexpensive way to change things up. Try it for your next gathering. Happy Monday! 


  1. Nature continues to provide the best backdrop ... or tablescape!! I want to plant a winterberry bush this fall so I will have those beautiful red berries for Christmas!!

  2. I always make the mistake of going out and buying flowers instead of just hunting around the garden for inspiration. The table looks beautiful!

  3. What a pretty table setting! I love those bowls. Love them. I had the last of my peonies in a vase on our table this weekend. Alas, they are done now. Until next year ;)


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