12 June 2012

turning a master suite into an oasis

I thought I'd share a recent e-client project that tackles a problem a lot of homeowners have: creating a modern and peaceful oasis in their master suite. Mark and Sarah have a fairly typical small-ish bedroom and ensuite with the standard fittings. How to add character and a calming atmosphere?

1. Create a focal point - in this example the headboard wall is wallpapered.  
2. Add pattern and texture- modern graphic wallpaper and shower curtain, plush bedding and pillows, lots of white towels, and woven baskets accomplish this. 
3. Carry the colour scheme through to the ensuite bath- blue-gray and a splash of orange adds a pop of fresh in both rooms.

In this case, they wanted something grown up and glam, so I also added a sophisticated tufted headboard and bit of glam through a round gold mirror and upscale lighting options. 

These suggestions, with floorplan and shopping sources and DIY instructions is all this couple needs to get on their way to turning their master suite into a private oasis.

If you need some help, I'm available for consultation or a simple mood board. 


  1. I love your moodboards and the designs that you came up with for the bedroom & ensuite :-) The colour scheme is great - the pops of orange are the perfect way to inject some colourful fun :-) And love the hardwood flooring.

    What program do you use to create your moodboards?

  2. @Kelly @ JAX does design

    Thanks Kelly! They currently have carpet and were willing to take new flooring suggestions. I love the modern rustic look of this hardwood.

    I use Olioboard for the design boards and then take them to Photoshop Elements to add extras like text and border.

  3. @Deborah

    Thanks so much! It's very easy to leave the bedroom for last when decorating, and before long it's been years without any attention paid to that room. I think its very important to create a getaway space where you can relax and de-stress.

  4. I love the plans for this room - pale blue and orange is one of my favorite colour combinations. Fresh and pretty! Do we get to see photos of the project?

  5. Everything looks wonderful Kelly! I love everything about it and then some :)


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