21 June 2012

i'm obsessed with...internationally inspired rugs

OK, do you love designer Genevieve Gorder as much as I do? And do you also love colourful, patterned rugs? Then you're in for a treat, because our gal has joined up with Capel Rugs to create a line of globally-inspired and vibrant flat woven rugs that are just what our summer porches and living rooms need. 

1. Sno Rug - Bokrum Blue
2. Puhalo Stripe -Safron
3. Arabesque - Emerald
4. Moor - Pigeon
All from Capel Rugs

Pick up one or even two to layer in a room, like this one of Genevieve's! 

via HGTV

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  1. Rugs and carpets remain one of my biggest weaknesses and this post certainly fed my obsession! The Puhalo Stripe is definitely my favourite!

  2. I agree with what Meghan said... I can't decide on rugs for the life of me. I have such a hard time finding the "perfect" one. But I do love these roundups, my favorite is number 4!

  3. rugs makes home space beautiful. Look the natural wool and silk rugs at Indian rugs online as they give more eco-friendly environment as compare to synthetic rugs and carpets.


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