19 June 2012

green idea: keep out the heat this summer

What better reason than the approaching summer heat to finally install those window treatments you've been dreaming of? Curtains or blinds can block up to 60% of solar gain, so it really does make sense to use pretty sensible blinds or drapes this summer. 

So what to choose? 

Pottery Barn
Darker or lined curtains that will pull across the full length of your windows are a good idea. 

Roman blinds are also good and I love the simple and modern look. 

Or, even simple roller blinds will work, and you can easily pimp them out so that they look cool in your room. 

Martha Stewart
Are your windows ready for summer? For more information on window treatments to keep out the heat, such as awnings and exterior shades and shutters, check this out. 


  1. Most of our windows have horizontal blinds that we can close during the day to cut down a bit of the heat coming in. Hubby is stubborn about turning on the AC, so I have to maximize all my other cooling options!

  2. love that roman blind!! Martha knows best as always!! i also like that ribbon details on the drapery panels as well. it's sophisticated without being over the top. Great inspirational shots Kelly!


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