24 June 2012

find it: summer tablecloths

House & Home; linens from John Robshaw
Looking for a quick way to refresh your table for summer? Try a tablecloth! I once thought that tablecloths were only for my mom's table, but I've been growing fond of using linens from time to time as a way to change things up. There are some really nice new ones out there, and also some very pretty vintage finds on Etsy and eBay (and mom's linen drawer). 


  1. I grew up with tablecloths, and have drifted away from them over the years, but I'm finding myself drawn back to them lately... There are so many great linens out there, and the vintage finds are the best!

  2. @Sheila @SZInteriors

    Thanks Sheila. I agree, vintage is amazing when you can find it. I wish I could go through my mom's drawer back East!

  3. We always had plastic tablecloths on our kitchen table when I was growing up. The fancy fabric tablecloths only came out on special occasions like Thanksgiving & Christmas - when we proceeded to spill cranberry sauce & gravy & stuffing all over them!

    I rarely use a tablecloth myself, but when I do it's a huge silver one that I found at HomeSense that's long enough cover our dining room with both leaves in it :-) Or plastic cloths from the Dollar Store for less formal gatherings :-)

  4. I love these tablecloths - refreshing to look at and very charming. Perfect for summer indeed. :D

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