31 May 2012

green idea: refresh a porch with paint

Want to amp up curb appeal and extend your living space outdoors? It doesn't have to cost much and you don't have to purchase a lot of new materials. Painting your porch floor goes a long way. Choose a classic gray, or go bold with colour. 

House & Home
And while you're at it, paint the ceiling too, and reclaim old wicker and bamboo furniture with fresh paint as well. 


desire to inspire

desire to inspire

Fingernail Moon

Country Living
Do you love porch living? 


  1. Love the last porch with the blue ceiling :-)

    I wish we had a paintable porch, but unfortunately then entire porch is white brick and the steps are aggregate. So boring! Which is why I'm constantly repainting the front door - it's the only way to change up the look of the porch.


  2. Oh how I love a painted porch! Lovely images - especially the second one.


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