30 May 2012

the ultimate sunroom

It's starting to feel a bit like summer around here, and I've got outdoor living on the brain. Even without stepping outside, this amazing sunroom allows you to feel like you're surrounded by nature. This is part of the delightful Monaco home of Timothy Whealon, featured in Architectural Digest

I could live in this room year-round. You? 


  1. WOW! Love it! It's my dream to have a house with either a year-round room like this, or a big wall of windows/doors that you can pull all the way open. First I need to win the lottery, then I need to move somewhere warmer than Ottawa ;-)


  2. I could seriously live in there! You would have to throw me out kicking and screaming :)

  3. I have a sunroom ... but it has become kind of a "den" ... I need to sunroom it up! Thanks for this beautiful image to get me going!


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