15 May 2012

the importance of creating a focal point

Ever walked into a room and felt underwhelmed and unable to settle your eyes on anything in particular? That room lacked a focal point.  Focal points are very important in interior design as it is the spot that immediately draws your eye and sets the tone for the room. The focal point will be the starting point for then adding other elements that cohesively exist in the space and make it inviting. 

Focal points don't have to be big or architectural. You can create focal points from existing elements or by adding an interesting decorative piece to a room. 

If you have a big window and a nice view- that's your focal point and the room should be designed around it. 

Do you already own a bookcase in which you can create a wonderful display? 

What about a grouping of similarly-framed photographs on the wall behind a sofa? 

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, reinforce it as a focal point with a great mantle vignette and bookshelves on either side. 

Do you have a great side table or console table for a dining room focal point? 

Or simply bring in a bold flowering branch that will become the focal point on a table. 

Simply creating a floating shelving display makes any wall the focal point. 

Or here's an idea: you could even make your tv the focal point while disguising it at the same time.

So, do you already have a great focal point in your rooms? Hope these have inspired you to make yours stand out!
For inspiration on focal points in bedrooms, check out these posts on wallpapering behind the bed, and DIY headboards

All sources can be found via my Focal Points board on Pinterest. 


  1. I really love the picture with round table!

  2. Unfortunately our living room focal point is the rather large television my fiancé insisted on buying. I’m trying to move the focus to the wall behind our sofa so these ideas really helped! Thanks for the tips Kelly!

  3. @Deborah

    I know, I think that's my fave too- such a great table and chairs, and the floral display on top is divine!

  4. Lots of inspiration there Kelly, thanks. xxx


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