21 May 2012

$1 IKEA LACK table refresh

I've had a black IKEA LACK side table sitting in a closet forever, and I finally dug it out this weekend to give it a quick refresh. 

IKEA LACK table hack

I painted the top in semi-gloss white and wrapped the legs in wood grain contact paper from the dollar store. I think it gives it a modern look and fits well in my office holding a vintage card catalogue drawer I picked up recently.  I also picked up a vintage wool spindle and some great mason jars at a garage sale, which hold craft stuff. 

I did this in an hour and for $1. You can't beat that for a cheap and sustainable way to refresh a piece of furniture! Have a great week everyone. 


  1. That's a great way to dress up a LACK table :-) I've got one still in the package with the plan to do something creative with it - just haven't decided what yet. And I have to get started on a RAST hack soon - still trying to come up with a plan for that one too, although I know I'll be using O'Verlays.

    Hope you're enjoying the long weekend :-)


  2. @DTTD imagine.design.create

    Thanks Kelly! I'm inspired by your unending DIY projects.

    IKEA hacks are fun, aren't they?

    Hope you're enjoying May Long.

  3. Whoa! I can’t believe this took you 1 hour! The results are fabulous!

  4. What a simple transformation.
    I love the contact paper idea.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  5. @Meghan

    Thanks! It was super easy. I'm all about the quick and easy. :)

  6. great idea!! Love this IKEA hack ... inexpensive to do but very stylish!


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