7 May 2012

quick refresh: office mood wall

Not long ago I designed my home office/reading room in an all-white look. I change things up frequently, so this weekend I turned the mood board behind my desk into a "mood wall", meaning I removed the board and hung pictures directly on the wall. This was mostly precipitated by the new washi tape I purchased and was dying to use. :) I'm loving the tape and the wall. 

Jute and clothespins hang little goodies, and a pants hanger holds a quote for the day, that I can change up often. I always add something from outdoors, so brought in a twig.

Jars, bowls and soup cans wrapped with jute are cute ways to hold and display utility items. 

The board I had used before (a bulletin board painted out white) became a photo collage board, to hold all of the family pictures and kids' drawings that used to clutter up the fridge. 

What kind of inspiration board or wall do you have? 


  1. Love the pants hanger idea!

  2. Your inspiration wall is so very inspiring! Love all the darling details and the clothespins. I need to incorporate some clothespins into my home (and not to hang clothes from) ...



  3. It looks fantastic! The perfect spot for inspiration and productivity! I have been meaning to do an inspiration board above my desk but the fridge will have to do for now (I probably spend more time around the fridge than at my desk anyway)!

  4. @Linda @ it all started with paint

    Thanks Linda! It's so interesting to use things for unintended purposes isn't it?

  5. @Meghan

    Thanks Meghan! Hey, tape and a blank wall is all you need. I cleared off my fridge and now have just one picture from a magazine of a fit and strong woman- in order to stop me from going in there for bad stuff!

  6. This looks great! Why be confined to a bulletin board? Wishing my desk was that neat :)

  7. Look great Kelly! I have yet to use washi tape. It is on my to do list among many other things :)

  8. I love jute. I purchased a roll from home depot awhile back and use it to make knots and subsequently drawer pulls for an old wooden desk. That roll lasted forever and was used for so many different things. The sky is seriously the limit with the stuff and you've shown just how cool it can be in your latest design. Nicely done!

  9. @jenniferchilds

    Thanks Jennifer. I know, jute is amazing right? I have been doing lots of projects with jute and rope lately. So organic. Thanks for reading!


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