24 May 2012

room of the week: eclectic kitchen

Last's week's room was the vintage bath of designer Antonio Martin's San Francisco home. I'm so taken with his home that this week's room is his kitchen. Again, I love the mix of old and new, and especially love the colourful rug under the moveable island workspace. The enormous glass cabinet door on a rail is magnificent, and I've always loved art in the kitchen, as posted about here

photos via Remodelista


  1. this is a beautiful kitchen! I love open shelves and baskets for storage. I have a visual organizational style, so having things in plain sight but still look pretty is essential. And really love barn rails for door but this is a clever use for concealing the cupboard.
    I, too, like art in the kitchen but over the stove (especially without a range hood) is pretty impractical- same for the rug under the island. I have kids and can be a clumsy cook- that rug would be ruined.
    But the design has it all for me- white with black, stainless & wicker & wood.

  2. Love the open shelving and vintage feel of the kitchen. Very unique!

  3. I am a sucker for a brightly coloured rug in the kitchen! Love the open shelving and the framed photos above the range!


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