21 February 2012

the allure of imperfection

"To be perfect is to develop expanding imperfection". ~ Ethylios

Perfect can be, well, boring. I love pretty magazine and blog pictures, but I'm drawn most to those that are imperfect and interesting. After all, people aren't perfect, so why would we try to make the homes we live in perfect? They should be a reflection of us, with all of our beautiful and alluring imperfections. 

Take, for example, this mirror that my brother made as a gift for me years ago. It is my most favourite possession, because it is perfectly imperfect. The barn boards it is made from are weathered, and there are flaws and cracks, which make it even better. Don't you think it is much more interesting than a store-bought perfect mirror? 

An inspiring blogger, The Nester, is celebrating perfect imperfection - hop on over to enjoy more beautifully imperfect projects. 


  1. I love the mix of imperfections with the modern clean lines! Great photos too as always!

  2. That is a really cool mirror. I need to keep this in perspective when I'm designing for others. It really is more interesting to have more of a imperfect "collected" look than to look perfect!

  3. Holy crap - so glad you stopped by and liked my kitchen so I could find you too! I love rusty and crusty too - it adds character. It's nice to have something that's is meaningful too - a gift from your bro! Here's to one Kelly following another!

  4. This barn board mirror would be one of my favorite possessions as well! It has a history and a story - which I love.


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