7 February 2012

black and white day 1

I've long gravitated toward black and white in fashion. I usually try to talk myself out of it - too cold, too boring, too overdone. I've realized recently that despite my mom's voice in my head saying "wear a little colour!" my closet is still filled with blacks, whites and grays (and maybe a navy here or there). 

It's shouldn't be a surprise then, that black, white and gray spaces are what catch my eye in every design magazine and blog I read. So, as the design rule goes, stick with what you love. 

In this new "black and white day" series I will feature a fantastic black, white or shade-in-between space that I admire. Yes, a pop of colour here and there will always be fun, but from now on I am letting my own little voice in my head shout out "black and white is classic and will always reign!" 

Sorry Mom.  

candy black design
Are you a fan of black and white spaces? 

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  1. Interesting question. I am also a big fan of black and white in fashion -- more than half of my tops are black. But in decor I think I like black used more sparingly. I'm a huge fan of white though -- wish I could use more of it in my own house, but with kids...not so much.


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