20 February 2012

black and white day 3

It's a holiday here today and I'm procrastinating preparing some healthy meals for the week ahead. I'd be much more eager for this task if I was able to do it in one of these black and white kitchen beauties. One is industrial, which I'm crushing on these days, and the other is a little more classic. However, notice the attention to detail in both, like dark wood and black trim on the windows and cabinets, showpiece sinks and appliances, marble counters, and attention-grabbing pendant lights. 

Rebekah Zaveloff via Houzz
House and Home

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  1. I'm beyond 'crush' on that second kitchen -- I'd like to ask it to move in!

  2. Both are beautiful kitchens. I thought the tiled vent hood in the first was interesting. I don't think I've seen anything like that before.

  3. I love both of those kitchens and I totally agree that the attention to detail is outstanding!


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