28 February 2012

trend to try: concrete walls

Maybe its my crush on industrial style, but lately I'm loving the trend toward concrete for interior design. It's moving from the floors to the walls and ceilings now. It adds a minimalist cool factor and is organic, especially paired with wood or other natural elements. 

Alexander Stutz via Commune
Mitri Hourani via Marie Claire Maison

source unknown, via Shelterness

vosges paris

Elle Decor
via Micasa
Mark Dubios, via Architectural Digest

Martha Sturdy via House and Home
via Urbinlivin
via Loft Life
Christoph Roedig via NY Times

Is this a trend you would try?


  1. Not on the wall, but I have loved floors with wood mixed in, aka pottery barn floors.

  2. Absolutely! I love it. We have built a strawbale bunkhouse on the site of our future home- the strawbale walls are clad in a cement plaster and I love the look.
    Perhaps our new house will have a concrete wall or all the walls in the bathroom. I wonder how you do it- maybe cement parging.

  3. I recently lifted a carpet in the house we rent to see what we had underneath and I was so disappointed to find concrete but these examples have me second guessing myself. Although I still don't know if it could work for flooring (it's a little too cold and stark for me), when paired with warm wood and soft fluffy textiles, it looks far less edgy and much more organic and liveable. The bedroom in the 6th picture is my favourite example!

  4. Funny, I was walking through Ikea last week and thinking about how much I love the concrete floor :-) I'd definitely try concrete if I had the right home for it.

    The kitchen from Shelterness in particular appeals to me - I love the look of concrete with wood. Also love the look of concrete & crystal, it's such a great contrast of industrial & glamourous.

  5. I would say yes to trying this trend. These are all amazing, Kelly, and these pictures prove that concrete is not married to any particular style.


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