2 February 2012

bedroom refresh

I posted a few days ago about the DIY bed side tables that I reclaimed. They were the inspiration I needed to give my bedroom a little refresh and tie everything together. 

I rent, and so I am stuck with the builder-beige walls; therefore I worked with a taupe and pink theme. The wallpaper on the back of the new side tables matches the taupe colour of the new bedspread and the curtains that I already had. I love this colour, especially with the pink and cherry coloured accents. These include DIY canvas art above the bed, and matching vintage dressing table bench.  I posted on these projects here

I keep my jewelry on display both on my dresser in pretty dishes, and on my wall as art in old picture frames with the glass removed. 

I didn't have a lot of money to spend on this room, so other than a splurge on the curtains and the bedspread, everything was handmade or vintage and fixed up. I found this great old bench at a flea market a while ago, and now it acts as a place to stack books close to the bed. 

Got any great budget decorating ideas to share? 


  1. Your room looks gorgeous and I love your side tables! I always find scratch and dent pieces that aren't too beat up and ask for an additional discount, they usually always give me money off!

  2. Your bedroom is so pretty and fresh :-) I love all the creative ways you've added colour and art to the room without painting the walls. And just an FYI - I saw the most beautiful pink & beige ottoman with a brushed brass base at IDS, so I'd say your colour palette is very on-trend :-)

    Hanging your jewelry in frames is both a great way to display your jewelry and to create unique artwork. I love everything!

    {I'm so happy you enjoyed reading my BlogPodium recap. If you can make it to a future conference, I highly recommend it!}

  3. You have a beautiful space here, Kelly, and such great pictures. I love the flea market find and how you have displayed your jewelery and am loving the artwork that you created above the bed.


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