16 February 2012

refreshing a room through vignettes

I'm always changing things up in my home. And usually it is with stuff I have somewhere else that I simply move to a new spot and create a fresh new vignette. I helped some friends do just that at their home last weekend, and they were thrilled to be able to decorate their renovated house without spending much on new items. They couldn't believe they had so many beautiful yet ordinary things in their closets and cupboards. 

Don't overlook jars, bowls, tins, boxes, baskets, trays, vases, interesting utensils, cutting boards and books. And there are always branches or grasses or pine cones outside in the yard or the park. Fresh flowers don't hurt either. 

Here are a few vignettes around my home these days.


  1. You're so talented. I love all the little details. Thanks for sharing and giving your readers some inspiration. Great post! :)


  2. What are those green (berries?) called? I love them!

  3. Very pretty vignettes, Kelly. I like how anything can be incorporated for color and interest.

  4. Your blog is fantastic...seriously! I feel like I hit the jackpot of great ideas to decorate my home. I'm a new LF follower, and I would love if you stopped by and followed too, so we can stay connected...I'm pinning you all over, Lori


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