29 February 2012

black & white day 4 (and a Pinterest project)

Before I show you the amazing black and white room for today, let me also invite you to take a look at a great Pinterest collaboration board from Molly over at The Waffler. Molly's cool idea was that bloggers collaborate in furnishing this amazing SoHo Loft:

If you'd like to join in the fun, or just check out what furnishings and accessories I've pinned to this board, along with other great pinners, go to the SoHo Loft Pinterest Board. And check out The Waffler- it's super cool.

OK, now for the ooh and ahhh image:

This room is by Johanna Flyckt at Vintage. The small bits of black ground the otherwise light and flowy and soft room. I love the casual elegance of the full-length drapery in the doorway, contrasted with the black industrial pendant lights and stool. And of course the rustic wood is amazing. Lovely room.


  1. Wow, the Pinterest project sounds like fun! In the next pic I do love the curtains and the amazing door as well as the mismatched pendant lights.

  2. Thanks for telling everyone about the Pinterest project, Kelly. The board is looking great so far!

  3. I love that natural rustic wood door and the two different light fixtures. So cool. Restoration hardware could learn from this.

  4. I've been pondering joining Molly's project... any excuse to spend time on Pinterest is welcome! I love the room you chose, the hanging pendants and the linen on the table are my favourite elements!


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