23 February 2012

is it Spring yet?

Ok, ok, I know it's only February, but I feel ready to add a touch of Spring into my home.

 Do you change up some of your decoration according to the season? Are you ready to go from this:

Llamas' Valley
to this?

Apparently I was already feeling the need for natural elements inside the home back in December when I wrote a post about bringing the green inside. Check out some other inspiring greenery filled-spaces here.

Come on March...or May. 


  1. I'm ready for spring, even though winter was ridiculously mild. Waiting for the daffodils to pop up which feels like it's going to be any day now.

  2. Those are all beautiful examples! I may or may not have made a happy grunt when I saw the white table with the old Coke crate on the shelf underneath...

  3. I am so, so ready! I think that's why I'm now considering painting my LR/DR yellow to kind of speed things up. But here's my question: do "spring" rooms/decor start to look funny 8 months later when November rolls around again?

  4. @thewaffler.com

    Ha, good question! I'm going to say yes. :) But by September I'm usually ready to bring in some colourful Fall leaves, etc. Not thinking about that now though! Come on, Spring, come on Spring....

  5. Love these images because of the freshness of the shades. Especially love the pillow shot, could sit there for tea!


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