9 February 2012

work space of the week

I'm drilling down further into my "room of the week" series to specifically post about inspirational home offices and other work spaces, which I have a keen interest in. I've been finishing my own home office/library, and I know a lot you are in need of a dedicated space in your homes for work/hobbies/reading/hiding. Carving out this kind of get-away room is important, as it not only keeps all of the "stuff" related to our work activities from being scattered in every room of the house, but it also gives us a place where we can be inspired, creative and productive.

So to get on with the inspiring, here is the first work space of the week. Actually it's two work spaces in the same home, from one of my favourite blogs- Stylizimo.  These his and hers offices use my favourite colours: black, white and gray. Notice the clean lines and industrial feel. Don't you love the hanging worklamp, and the long white desk? I could definitely work in either of these rooms. 

Oh, and this image and the Eames-inspired chair is what prompted my own choice of desk chairs, as you will see in the One-Room-Challenge Series.


  1. I agree -- the long white desk is great. And I love how the chairs aren't matched.

  2. Ahhh, it makes me calm just looking at it. I love the simplicity of it all.

  3. If I could work in either of these work spaces it wouldn't feel like work at all. They're stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  4. What gorgeous offices!! I definitely wouldnt mind spending hours working in these offices!

  5. In the next few months I'll be outfitting and decorating my own home office and these spaces are perfect for my inspiration files!

  6. What a nice surprise! Thank you do much for your nice words about our home offices;)
    It makes me very happy to read all the sweet comments here as well.

    Wish you a lovely weekend.
    Nina x


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